Work Permit



Our legislation provides different types of Work Permits according to their immigration status in our country. If you are an Alien and need to work, the first thing you must have is a legal status in our country or condition that would allow you to choose any of the permits that we state below:

  • Married to a National,
  • Colon Free Zone Executive,
  • Foreign worker within 10% of the regular staff of a company.
  • Work Permit for those working in companies affiliated with the City of Knowledge.
  • Work permit as a foreign worker with a wife of Panamanian nationality under Parental Rights (with Panamanian children).
  • Foreign worker within 15% of the specialized or technical staff.
  • Work Permit as Professional Alien.
  • Work Permit for Aliens whose functions take effects abroad.
  • Indefinite Work Permit as a foreign worker with over 10 years of residence in the country.
  • Indefinite Work Permit Specific countries. (Friendly)

For more information on each of the work permits, please contact us.