Additional Services



Property Certification:

The Dumani Franco Firm provides various services to obtain the information needed from the Land Registry for farms or properties that a person or company owns so you can get a simple or scanned copy of each localized property.

For this we need to know:

  • Whose property is it
  • Identity card or passport of the owner
  • Location of real or personal (if available)
  • Reason for the request

Civil Registry

We request, in your behalf, before the competent authority, the certificates you need for your personal affairs such as death, marriage and birth certificates, and allow you to get a copy of the birth registration of a citizen born in Panama.


Necessary Information:

  • Full names.
  • Name of father and mother.
  • Identity Document (passport or Panamanian id).
  • Number or identification card of the person


  • Full names of the contracting parties,
  • Date and place of marriage,
  • Card or identity document number of the parties.


  • Full name,
  • Date and place of death,
  • Number or identity card of the deceased.
  • Name of father and mother; date of birth.

Other Services:

Certification of immigration status, certification of Panamanian identity card, request of a criminal record.

If you want more information, please contact us.